3CX: How to forward an extension to a call flow app

Under forwarding rules in the 3CX Management Console or Call Forwarding in the 3CX app it is possible to configure what to do when your extension is in a specific status (Available, Away, Lunch, etc.). By default calls will forwarded to the Voicemail.

Configuring forwarding rules in 3CX

It is easy to forward calls to another extension, simply select the status first. On the page multiple dropdowns appear. You can configure diffent forwarding rules for internal and external calls. In the first dropdown select Extension number and in the second drop down the name of the extension, IVR, queue or ring group.

Forward to an extension

When you using 3CX Dedicated Pro you also can install custom call flow apps. With call flow apps you can literally program any logic in a phone system you want. But you won't see them in the drop down in the forwarding rules. Solution: In the first drop down select External number, the second drop down will be replace by an input box, put the extension number of your call flow app here.

Forward to an app

Thats it. When your rule become active the call is now forwarded to the call flow app.

20-06-2023 EN 3cx cdf forwarding extension call flow app
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